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Mad Deer Disease???

I have been hearing something about some of the deer and elk in Montana and Wyoming being infected with something similar to "Mad Cow" disease. Do you know if there is any truth to this, and if so, could you see if you could find out any info and post it?

Robert Shaw


CRL is killing deer in Wyoming and Colorado. Supposedly it killed one man after he ate the meat — is this true? I'm going deer hunting in Utah this year and I am worried about CRL there. They ( the news) said it's like mad cow disease. If you know anything, let me know.


Editor's Note: Mike, I believe what you are talking about is chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer and elk. We have contacted a number of Western states about this. Here is the link to one of our pages with information from Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.

Chronic Wasting Disease

Weather Makes a Difference!

Our deer camp also noticed an increase in the visibility of nice bucks this past season. While hunting public land (D Zone) in October, we saw more than five four-point bucks, two of which were battling it out in the wide open! We came home with two four-pointers between 6 people ( should've had three, the biggest escaped, but that's another story!). I'll never hunt opening weekend again!

Michael Patt
Sebastopol, California

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