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Fantastic Tool

As I have stated before, WH.com is a fantastic tool for sportsmen to instantly respond to political issues that affect us all. What could be easier than to read about the issue, and with a click or two make your feelings known to the powers that be? Instantly! Plus, we can react in a timely manner before anything else "sneaks" thru as has been the pattern over the last 8 years (at least on the national level). For instance, even though I had predicted that the Mojave preserve was going to deteriorate (from a sportsman's perspective) from the day it became the law of the land, I never would have known just where it stood if not for your writing about it.

It is no great secret that most Americans are an apathetic lot when one considers that out of 200 million potential voters, less than half voted in the presidential election. But with the vehicle you have provided, the reasons for most of this lackadaisical attitude disappear. You don't have to sit down, think about it, write a letter, spend a whole 34 cents and mail a letter to anywhere. I belong to and get publications from B&C, RMEF, PF, DU, NTA, NRA, FNAWS, Eastmans (by accident, Mike was quite rude to me at one of his seminars and my wife accidentally renewed my subscription), Petersons Hunting, Montana Outdoors, Arizona Wildlife Views, Idaho Hunter Safety Instructor Newsletter, and on and on, but WH is the only one that I read in its entirety as soon as I get it. The others lay around stacking up in the trophy room until the wife gets tired of cleaning around them and just then maybe in the dead of winter I will peruse them, read one or two pieces and then give them to my son. I only save the Petersons as I have every single issue since day one. (packratitis).

It is my sincere hope that you will find a way to continue, as this humble reader would truly miss your publication.

Brian Farley
Hayden, Idaho

Looking For Hunting Dogs

I would like to buy two hunting dog puppies of particular breeds.
1. German Hunting Terrier (Deutsher Jagdterrier) - male puppy.
2. German Wirehaired Pointer - female puppy.

Both have to have hunting parents. It would be the best if I can find them somewhere in Northern California.

My e-mail address is: msklimek@rcsis.com


Don't Buy A Hot Bow!

Trophy Archery and Taxidermy in San Jose, California was burglarized in early January. The inventory of bows (primarily PSE but also some Hoyts), arrows and other inventory was stolen. The thieves entered by breaking the front door glass, and cleaned out whatever was easily available. The owner is currently restocking the shop with new bows and is in-it for the long haul, yeah!

If anybody should be approached with new PSE or Hoyt bows for sale under questionable circumstances, please contact Joe Martin at (408) 559-3396 and make him aware of it. He can refer you to the appropriate person in the San Jose Police Department.

Thanks to everybody in advance.

San Jose, California

Support Letters

I just completed my letter (in support of Michael Flores for California Fish and Game Commissioner) and put it in the mail. Just thought I'd send you a copy and thank you for bringing this to our attention. And a "great" job you are doing for us in California!

Thanks again.
Dan Rife


My letter regarding Michael Flores was sent last week and do feel like you that he is a great asset to our F&G Commission. What we do need is one more commissioner like Mike to fill the vacant spot on the Commission. I believe that is up to the governor — good luck on another one like Mike.

I may be attending the WCB meeting in Sacramento on the 23 of February. San Diego County may be receiving a new wildlife area at that time — the agenda is still up in the air. I'll wait and see. We've been pushing for this here in San Diego for quite some time, more like pulling TEETH.

Thanks and keep up the Great Work,
David Ledinsky
President Pheasants Forever
Southern California

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