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Wrong Date for Nevada?

I just got off the phone with the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife and your info on the big game tag deadline is wrong, only the early turkey hunts deadline is March 9th. The big game deadline is not yet set but will be sometime in mid-April... I love getting all of your updates. Your newsletters are always interesting, please keep up the good work.

Thank you
Doug Mcmullin


I just received your e-mail and was reading the scouting around article. I want to let you know that the deadline for the Nevada deer applications is wrong. The deadline is not until the middle of April. The Fish and Game will be sending out their applications in March.

Thanks for your services.

Vince Granzella
Vacaville, California

Editor's Note:
We received a number of e-mails like the ones above regarding our posting of a March 9th deadline for Nevada deer tags. The readers were correct because the March 9th deadline is only if you are putting in for tags to go with a guide.

Thanks again to everyone for letting us know you read what we send out.

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