Turkey Call Competence
by Ricky Joe Bishop
Today's advanced turkey call designs make good calling technique much easier to master than in the past, but going in cold is not the way to go gobbler hunting. A bit of preseason practice helps any turkey caller and it is vital if you are trying to master a new call type.

The many turkey hunting videos (such as Realtree’s "All Stars of Spring" series) available are a good and enjoyable way to learn what turkeys sound like. As you watch them also watch how the live turkeys respond to calling. This is a great learning tool that has become available only in the last few years. The purely instructional videos and audio tapes go into specific instructions in great detail. Most call companies make these for sale along with their calls.

Also look at the "novice friendly" call types that are available. These and some designed especially for young people are great ways to start the learning curve on turkey talk.

Patterning Turkey Guns
by David Blanton
A gobbler’s head and neck is a small target. You should sight-in your turkey gun just like you sight-in your deer rifle. Patterning your turkey gun determines its point of impact and its maximum effective range.

Do point-of-impact sighting-in at relatively short range, say 20 to 30 yards. If your gun is shooting "off," you can adjust it by altering the stock or slightly bending the barrel. It is best to get a professional gunsmith to do the barrel bending.

Many serious turkey hunters use adjustable rifle-type open or low-powered telescopic and "red dot" sights to center super-tight patterns on a gobbler's head and neck.

To determine maximum shooting range, move the target farther away until pattern density diminishes. You want to establish the longest range at which your gun puts several pellets into the head and neck area. Fire several shots to get a real idea of your turkey gun's performance. A single pattern might be a fluke and give you the wrong idea.

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