Mule Deer Foundation
2001 Convention
The Mule Deer Foundation, a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to reversing the decline of the deer of the West, will kick off its first annual convention March 23-25 in Reno, Nevada, by holding a series of Sensory Safaris in conjunction with the Idaho Safari Club. The Sensory Safaris, which are designed to offer the sight-impaired the ideal opportunity to finally "see" wildlife through their enhanced sense of touch, will be open to the public and held every day.

The Mule Deer Foundation's first annual convention includes a full slate of seminars from experts like wildlife videographer Doyle Moss, chef Jon McGannon, and will even feature some of the largest mule deer ever taken — part of the H-H Collection of Dana Hollinger, which can be viewed in part at

Mule Deer Foundation members will be coming from across the nation to attend, and visit with more than 100 outdoor-related businesses on the convention floor.

Saturday's banquet will feature an unusual array of hunts, with much of the money raised going directly toward mule deer conservation. Sportsmen will be able to bid on a special Utah mule deer permit, one of California's coveted Golden Opportunity Deer Permits, a hunt in New Zealand, and much, much more.

The convention will be held at the Silver Legacy Hotel and Pavilion. More
than 800 people are expected to participate. Tickets are $55 plus $25 for a membership in The Mule Deer Foundation.

For more information on the convention or to attend, contact Mule Deer Foundation President Dr. Bill Morrill at 888-375-DEER or by e-mail at

Utah Tag

Utah's statewide 2001 buck deer conservation permit will go to the highest bidder.

The Utah Wildlife Board allocated the permit to the Mule Deer Foundation last fall. The person who places the highest bid will receive the permit, which will allow them to hunt on any open deer hunting unit in Utah, from September 1 to December 31, 2001.

At least 90 percent of the money raised from the sale of the permit will be returned to the Division of Wildlife Resources. The Division will use the money in programs that will benefit Utah's mule deer.

The tag will be auctioned at the banquet on Saturday, March 24.

Oregon Tag

Big game hunters have the opportunity to bid on the Oregon Access and Habitat Board's 2001 Statewide Deer Hunt.

The auction tag awards the winning bidder an extended season from September 1 through November 30, 2001 to take one deer within any of Oregon's wildlife units. The successful bidder may choose from either a mule deer or black-tailed deer. Any legal weapon may be used during the hunt. The winning bidder is also eligible to harvest an additional deer with the appropriate 2001 controlled or general season tags.

The Access and Habitat Board's 2001 Statewide Deer Hunt will be auctioned about 9:30 p.m. on March 24. Hunters unable to attend the auction may bid by telephone. To make arrangements to bid by telephone, contact The Mule Deer Foundation at 888-375-3337.

Oregon's Access and Habitat Board, on behalf of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, is providing the tag to be auctioned. Proceeds from the auction will be used by the Access and Habitat Board to fund projects that improve wildlife habitat and increase public hunting access throughout Oregon. The Access and Habitat Board was created by the 1993 Oregon Legislature and is funded by a $2 surcharge included in hunting license fees.

For more information on the Access and Habitat Program, contact program coordinator Matt Buhler at (503) 872-5260, extension 5349.

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