Record Price
for Deer Tags
A Utah any-buck-deer permit was auctioned for a record $66,000 during the Mule Deer Foundation's first annual convention, which was held in Reno, Nevada on March 23-25. Critical funds raised from the permit's sale go back to the state to further its efforts to stop the continuing decline of mule deer. The same evening, a Nevada deer permit went for a near-record $60,000.

"Setting a record of this sort — where state biologists determine how the windfall is spent — says volumes about our membership, and their dedication to conservation efforts throughout the West," said Dr. Bill Morrill, president of the Mule Deer Foundation.

"Reno really rolled out the red carpet for us," Dr. Morrill said. "Crowds were huge, and the public was receptive to our message — that the mule deer is North America's only big game species whose numbers continue to decline."

The Mule Deer Foundation announced that it would again be holding next year's convention in Reno, on March 15-17, 2002.

The Mule Deer Foundation is a national non-profit conservation organization dedicated to stopping the decline of the deer of the West.

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