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Double Congratulations

Please do me a favor and congratulate Kevin for me on his first hog (Hunting Memories - Kevin's First Hog). It's pretty. I do not have his e-mail address so I cannot do it directly. But there is another reason for double congratulations — Kevin's honesty. The hog looks like it exactly weighs the weight Kevin said. Many times I see pictures of animals taken by hunters with exaggerated weights... always on the plus side, of course! Makes me wonder if the game in the picture reaches half of its stated weight... but someone proudly increased it in comments.

It always reminds me of my old Uncle Joe who was a fisherman. Anytime he got fish, they always weighed at least twice more than real.... well... perhaps people use special scales?

Congratulations to you for the good job with Western Hunter, keep it going.

Steven Klimek

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