High-Pressure Gobblers
by Michael Waddell
Turkey hunting has become both popular and rather competitive. The wild turkey population has grown and spread. Today, wild turkey hunting is available in 49 of the 50 states. The result is that many people have become devoted gobbler chasers, which has raised the pressure, producing super-wary gobblers.

The wise turkey hunter avoids the crowd and hard-hunted, call-shy gobblers. The way to do this is by avoiding the most popular public lands, well-known counties or other publicized wild turkey hotspots. Concentrate on the "fringe" areas, adjacent to established turkey range but not yet well known to the "turkey hunting crowd." Wild turkeys, particularly gobblers, are fast to move into new areas. Heavy hunting pressure can accelerate turkey dispersion into new areas where hunting pressure is less.

Remember, it only takes one hot gobbler to have a great hunt. Low-density turkey populations can offer high-quality hunting experiences. Get ahead of the crowd to enjoy undisturbed turkey hunting for undisturbed wild gobblers.

The Best Turkey Call
by David Blanton
Each type of turkey call device has its own advantages; the trick is to play each to YOUR advantage.

The diaphragm is very popular for turkey hunting. A skilled caller, with the proper diaphragm, can mimic any sound a turkey can make. Plus the diaphragm can be used in any type of weather. The tube call is really just an external diaphragm and can do about anything a diaphragm can do. Many hunters find the tube call the easiest to produce a realistic gobble.

However, the other call types have a lot going for them. The traditional box call is easy to use and has a great volume range from loud to soft. Plus turkeys really like the box. The slate, glass, crystal and aluminum calls also can "do it all." However, they are excellent at purrs and clucks. The old-time wingbone call is a bit hard to learn to use but works great on call-shy gobblers that have "heard it all" from the other types.

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