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Got to agree with JP Joyner's thoughts on motion decoys. Would not go as far as to make them mandatory. God forbid we give someone the opportunity to label/regulate one versus another. Could you imagine a "Saturday Night Special" motion duck debate?

Have to say the most enjoyable day of duck hunting Neal and I have had in our neophyte duck careers, was the one we each had a pintail down after the first five minutes of shooting time. The flights of ducks were huge. It was a "blast" to sit there calling and picking out legal ducks and waiting for them to separate from the pintails to take a shot.

We ended the day at 11 AM with each of us one duck short of a limit. Actually I believe I was out of shells! We had left our homemade motion duck in the SUV that morning. Got tired of hauling it out after the first month.

My thinking Jerry...it's just another tool to choose in a hunter's arsenal of techniques. From the number of duck calls, tapes, and traditional decoys available at sports shows, and the prices they ask, I can't believe their sales are down! Outlaw one type of decoy, may as well outlaw them all...and the calls. Can't just stop at ducks — may as well include turkeys, deer, geese, varmints... etc.

It has always been my belief that most guns do not fire by themselves. We (the hunter) choose to pull the trigger. You can choose to pass at anytime, be it a duck, deer, pig, turkey or coyote. To urinate on someone else's leg only invites retribution. It also invites those least associated with our sport to put their "bad 2 cents' worth" into the discussion.

No turkey again this year. Passed on a jake and got bamboozled by a couple nice toms.

Chuck Kolesar
Rocklin, CA

Hunting Memories Picture

Jerry, Great picture! Great dog! Did Dan mention he bought the dog from me?

I'm the breeder and Janice was my personal pick of the litter. I did her beginning basics and Warren Grimsby of Warcon Kennels did the rest of her training. It was fun to find her picture on your Web Site,

Judy Pond,
Duckpond Kennels, Elk Grove,CA
[916] 682-7687

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