Idaho Draw Results
Results of the annual drawing for moose, mountain goat and bighorn sheep are in the mail to successful applicants and available on the Internet.

Hunters who want to find out immediately if they drew their coveted hunt can see individual results at on the Fish and Game web site. Those who were successful should receive their tags by June 10; unsuccessful applicants will also receive their pre-draw tag fees by June 10.

In the first year nonresident hunters have been allowed to apply, 96.2 percent of permits went to residents. Of 5,140 applicants, 266 (5.2 percent) came from nonresidents with 44 or 3.8 percent being successfully drawn.

Nonresidents are now entitled to 10 percent of total Idaho moose permits.

Permits for moose have been increased steadily in recent years with 1,150 offered for this fall.

Leftover permits are available in the following game management units, followed by number of leftover permits: Unit 60A-5, 64-2, 69-1-4, 69-3-5, 76-2-2, 76-3-5, 12-1-3, 12-4-1, 17-3-1, 20-2-1. The leftover permits go on sale June 15 on a first-come, first-served basis at all license vendors.

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