Early Applicant Wins $600
Thomas R. Hill of Austin, Texas is the lucky early applicant in this year's big game controlled hunt drawing.

Hunters who apply early for this fall's controlled hunts for deer, elk, black bear and antelope win big bucks in two ways: draw a tag and hunt one in the field, or be the lucky winner of one of two cash drawings.

The applications are accepted during the whole month of May, but only those received by May 10 were entered in the $600 drawing held May 14. The next deadline is May 20 for the $400 drawing to be held May 25.

The drawing is sponsored by the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation and funded by GTECH Corporation. By encouraging the early application process, the Foundation and GTECH hope to prevent overload on the computer terminals at license vendors in the final days of the application period.

If this idea sounds familiar, it is because a similar deal was offered in 1998. The drawing proved popular with hunters that year.

Applicants for controlled hunts may still use the mail-in procedure, but most will find it more convenient to drop by any one of about 430 private license vendors where their application will be entered on the Point of Sale computer system. They can also apply in person at Fish and Game offices. Many residents, as well as nonresidents, prefer to use a credit card and call in their application (1-800-554-8685) or the Department's website. Either adds a transaction fee of three percent of the transaction, plus $3.50 in order to pay the contractor who processes the telephone and internet applications.

Applications for controlled hunts must be accompanied by a nonrefundable application fee of $6.50. Fish and Game accepts personal checks.

All applications must be received or postmarked no later than May 31. The drawing for controlled hunts is conducted by computer and all successful applicants are notified by mail following the drawing. Applicants who cannot wait for their notice can call 1-900-896-3729 from July 10 through July 31 (this is a pay-per-minute call), or check the Department website at www2.state.id.us/fishgame. Information on the drawing can be found in the controlled hunt information section of the 2001 big game seasons booklet.

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