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I want to apply for deer, elk, and antelope controlled hunts. When is the application due? How much does it cost, and when do I find out if I was successful?


Applications must be postmarked by May 31 if sent by mail. They are due no later than May 31 if delivered in person, by telephone, or via the Internet. In addition to the cost of the hunting license, there is a non-refundable application fee of $6.50 per applicant per species. Results will be available by July 10.

Idaho — Controlled Hunts Cut Back

Meeting at Kelly Creek Ranger Station on May 17, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission changed numbers of permits in four controlled hunts for elk.

Commissioner John Burns from the Salmon Region suggested, and the Commission unanimously approved, a reduction in permits from what was approved in March in Game Management Units 28, 30 and 30A. In Controlled Hunt 2007, numbers were lowered from 75 to 60 antlered elk and in hunt 2068 from 300 to 250 antlerless elk (both Unit 30).

In Unit 30A, hunt 2008 was reduced from 50 to 40 antlered elk and hunt 2069 from 75 to 60 antlerless elk. In hunt 2065 in Unit 28, permits were reduced from 150 to 125 antlerless elk.

Factors in the reduction include predation and the addition of a depredation hunt in Unit 28; and in the other units, a lowered population estimate based on sightability surveys. The change takes place immediately and a rules addendum will be sent to license vendors.

Idaho — Sandhill Crane Hunts Set

Meeting at Kelly Creek Ranger Station on May 17, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission set seasons for early Canada goose hunts and sandhill crane controlled hunts for 2001.

The Commission voted to continue a general Canada goose hunt in the Clearwater Region from September 8-14, including all of Nez Perce County instead of just a portion. No early goose proposal for the Upper Snake or Southeast regions was approved, since goose pair counts are below objectives in those areas.

For cranes, the 2001 flyway harvest allocation for Idaho is 273 birds. The Commission voted to continue the 550 permit level from 2000, but increase to a two-bird daily bag limit and nine-bird season bag limit in 2001. This year, hunters may purchase as many as nine permits and tags to hunt cranes. The first tag must be obtained through the standard drawing process and the other eight from any vendor as a leftover tag. The cost per permit will be $14.50.

Five consecutive hunts will run in the Southeast Region from September
1-15. Hunt 9501 and 9502 will increase from 50 to 100 permits each, and the hunts known as 9506 and 9507 in year 2000 in the same area, at 50 permits each, will be eliminated. Hunts will be structured so that more permits are offered in the early hunts and all hunts include at least one weekend day or Labor Day. In the Upper Snake Region, a crane hunt will be expanded in the Ashton area to include a new depredation problem.

Montana — Reminder for Black Bear Hunters

Black bear hunting season closed May 15 in most 100, 200, and 300 series bear management areas. Black bear hunting closed earlier in bear management areas where hunting quotas were met.

Black bear hunting continues until May 31 in the following bear management areas: 216, 240, 301, 317, 319, the 400 series, and 580. For hunters with validated licenses, bear hunting continues until May 31 in bear management areas 103,106, and 107. Bear management areas 316 and portions of 341 will remain open until June 15.

A portion of bear management unit 341, the Gallatin closed-area, is closed to all black bear hunting and serves as a buffer zone next to Yellowstone National Park. Deckard Flats, the Eagle Creek portion of Bear Management area 341, is subject to closure of all hunting on 24-hour notice.

Details on black bear seasons are available in the 2001-2002 Montana
Hunting Regulations available at all FWP offices.

Montana — FWP Commission to Meet on June 6-7

Montana's Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission will meet in the FWP Helena office, 1420 East Sixth Ave., Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, June 7. The meeting will begin at 1:00 p.m. June 6 and reconvene at 8:00 a.m. June 7.

On June 7, during the morning session, the Commission will make final decisions on the 2002 moose and sheep auction rules and the 2001 moose, sheep, goat and mountain lion hunting quotas. Tentative decisions will be made on an amendment to the 2001 mountain lion season in FWP Region 1, the 2001/2002 bobcat and fisher and special management area beaver quotas, the 2001 early season migratory bird regulations and the 2002deer/elk general season dates. In the afternoon, the Commission will make a tentative decision on the 2001 deer, elk and antelope quotas.

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