Hunters' Grapevine Spreads News
The hunter grapevine spread the word faster than an e-mail chain letter. When the hunt draw information was loaded a day earlier than expected onto the Arizona Game and Fish Department's Internet Page, that information received 30,154 hits.

The draw information was actually loaded about noon on Thursday, July 12, which was a day earlier than had been advertised. By the end of that day, the information had been accessed 30,000-plus times.

"This was the first year for having the draw information available on the Game and Fish Internet Home Page. By all accounts, it looks like it was a phenomenal success," said Information Branch Chief Joe Janisch.

This year, the Department also added additional phone-line capacity to its automated phone system, which also helped make it easier for hunters to access the information more readily. "We are getting lots of hunters calling to say 'thanks' because they were able to get their draw information so easily this year. It's a great feeling when something works this well," Janisch said.

The Department's hunt draw information on its Internet home page ( received the following hits:
• Thursday, July 12 - 30,154 hits;
• Friday, July 13 - 19,343 hits;
• Saturday, July 14 - 5,274 hits;
• Sunday, July 15 - 4,144 hits;
• Monday, July 16 - 5,407 hits.

Publications Section supervisor Bob Miles explained that hits in any given day may not necessarily represent that many people trying to access the information. "For instance, if one person looks up four names, that would come out as four hits," he explained.

The Publications Section is responsible for maintaining the Game and Fish Home Page, as well as publishing the Department's magazine, Wildlife Views, and the various hunting regulations.

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