Leftover Hunt Tags Gobbled Up
The leftover Arizona hunt permit tags were gobbled up quicker than a deep-dish pizza at a cheese lovers' convention.

Following the fall big game drawing, there were a number of hunt-permit tags leftover, including 244 antlerless elk tags (mostly for the new "limited opportunity" hunts). On August 13, all those tags became available on a first-come, first-served basis through the mail only.

"All the elk tags were gobbled up almost immediately. So if you delayed sending in an application, don't bother doing so now. They are all gone," said drawings supervisor Marvel Meadows.

There are some remaining deer tags for the two military reservations — Ft. Huachuca and Camp Navajo — for those who qualify. Contact those respective bases (look on page 28 of the Hunting Regulations). The number for Camp Navajo is (520) 773-3274 and the number for Ft. Huachuca is (520) 533-1867.

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