Limited Deer Tags Available in California
The California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) reminds hunters that deer tag quotas are filling quickly for most zones. As of late August, tags were still available for A Zone in the central coast, B Zones in the northwest, and D Zones (except D17) in the inland and southern areas of the state.

"We want to remind hunters that the availability of tags changes on a daily basis," said Antoinette Lobo, Chief of DFG's License and Revenue Branch (LRB). "We've issued more than 126,800 deer tags so far and sales are expected to increase just prior to general deer zone openers."

In 2000, DFG issued nearly189,000 deer tags statewide.

Archery hunters will find tags available for a variety of area-specific archery hunts that include zones in A1, A2, A17, A18, A19, A22 and A23. Archery-only tags have no quotas and allow hunting with archery equipment in all A, B, C (except in C1 and C4 which have quotas during their specified archery seasons), and D zones.

Hunters wanting second deer tags for a D Zone must wait until September 4. Regulations require the delay to give first deer tag applicants a chance for tags before quotas fill. Those requesting second deer tags should apply now to LRB for inclusion in any drawings for zones with more applications than available tags. Applications are available at DFG license sales offices, license agents and at LRB, 3211 S St., Sacramento.

Drawings for zones with excessive applications will take place after 5 p.m. on September 4. Also on September 4, tags for zones that have not filled will be available for purchase at DFG license sales offices.

For more information regarding the 2001-2002 Deer Hunt Zones and seasons, please refer to the California Regulations for Mammals and Furbearers available at DFG license sales offices, license agents and on DFG's website

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