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Electronic Accessories
by Bill Jordan

There are a number of items available to modern outdoorsmen that greatly improve the hunting experience.

The development of the Global Positioning System (GPS) coupled with affordable, compact handheld units has been great. These units not only keep hunters from getting lost, but can also help hunters find stand locations and downed game left in the woods until transport can be arranged.

Speaking of downed game, compact two-way radios allow a successful hunter to summon help for butchering and/or getting the game out. These units also make meeting up with your hunting companions for lunch or at dark much easier. (Be advised that in some areas the use of radios to aid actual hunting is illegal.)

Cell phones are useful for calling home base to advise friends and family if you are running late or for other important communication. Just make sure that you set the phone to vibrate while hunting. You don’t want the phone ringing when there is a big buck in your sights.

Camo Deer Rifles
by David Blanton

Turkey hunters long ago figured out that gleaming guns and sharp-eyed gobblers don't mix. Bowhunters camouflage their bows. Deer hunters have been slower to get the point. It doesn't matter how well you are camouflaged if you are waving around a bright, reflective rifle.

With the growing popularity of synthetic stocks, flat black and camouflage-painted finishes became popular. However, manufacturers also offer matte-finished metal work on actions and barrels. Even better, some firearms manufacturers are now offering an excellent camo finish on the whole gun. This process is a High Definition Pattern Transfer that produces a precise camouflage pattern on both metal parts and stock.

Not only do such finishes make the rifle less reflective, they also blend it into the surroundings. These finishes also offer excellent weatherproof protection to external surfaces.

With lock, stock and barrel well camouflaged, all that remains is the scope. Most optics manufacturers now offer flat matte finishes and some also offer High Definition camo finishes on their scopes.

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