Walk-In Area Atlas for
460,000 Acres
Hunters can pick up their 2001 Walk-In Area atlas at Wyoming Game and Fish Department offices or license agents across the Equality State.

The atlas contains maps for 460,000 acres of private land open to public hunting in 21 Wyoming counties. Hunters are alerted to check the table for each map to find out which species can be hunted.

"Participating landowners decide what species can be hunted on their land," said Kaush Arha, Private Lands/Public Wildlife Initiative manager for the G&F. "By allowing the landowner to retain that privilege, we can enroll more acreage and provide more hunting opportunity."

Hunters are also alerted to check the table for dates the walk-in area is open. Within those dates, permitted species can be hunted during their open seasons.

Wyoming's Walk-In Area Program began in 1998 with 27,000 acres enrolled. The program grew to 120,000 acres in 1999 and 300,000 acres in 2000, before this year's jump to 460,000 acres.

"Thanks to hunters generously contributing to the program through AccessYes donations and landowners willing to allow public access, the Walk-In Area Program has grown tremendously," Arha said.

Landowners are paid approximately $1 per acre for the annual walk-in area leases. Beginning in 2002, landowners will be offered leases up to five years. Longer-term leases will help big game hunters determine public access availability when deciding their big game application choice.

"The Department recognizes the valuable contributions to our wildlife by Wyoming landowners and commends their willingness to share this resource with hunters," Arha said.

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