Hunting Memories

Northwestern Colorado Elk

On opening day I saw 15 bulls. I would say I was in the "hot seat." I had been invited to hunt on some private and BLM land near Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A great friend gave me one of his best hunting spots to ensure I killed a bull elk. (Thanks Jim!)

I had two shots on opening day only to have the bottom wheel get hung up in my belt-mounted bow holder on both shots. Needless to say, that piece of gear was gone by that afternoon.

Day Two: More bulls but just out of shooting range — not to mention a great 135-140 class 4X4 mule deer 32 yards from the tip of my broadhead. I had no tag for mule deer for the 2001 season. NEXT YEAR!

Day Three: In a tree stand set up where I had been seeing most of the elk pass, a nice 4-point bull walked 4 yards out from me. An extremely clean vital shot made down through the chest and heart took the bull 75 yards to his last steps. It was then I realized I had a 900-pound animal down and I was three miles in. The rest of the story is what you never read about ... ALL the work.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

CBH & P&Y Measurer
Jef Lindenmayer

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