Arizona Hunters,
Mark November 23
All you bird hunters out there should circle November 23 on your calendar — that is when the late dove season opens.

This promises to be another good late season, advises Arizona Game and Fish Department officials. Small Game Supervisor Ron Engel-Wilson explained that the desert seed production last spring, coupled with a fairly good summer monsoon rainy season, resulted in good mourning dove reproduction. The only downside may be that doves could be more dispersed due to the abundant feed that is available. However, ardent late-season dove hunters such as Joe Janisch, the Information Branch chief for Game and Fish, have high expectations, especially for agricultural areas such as feed lots and dairies. "Last year we found the late-season shooting even better than the early season. It is certainly more pleasant with the temperatures in the 60s and 70s," Janisch said.

Others like to work the desert areas where they have a chance for multiple species. "In the late season, load up with steel shot and try desert stock tanks for dove, ducks, quail and rabbits," advises Public Information Officer Rory Aikens.

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