Tracks Magazine
Focuses On Waterfowl
The quarterly magazine Tracks, the California Department of Fish and Game's (DFG) official source of information about hunting and fishing in California, is on its way to subscribers, the DFG announced. Subscriptions to the publication are free and available to the public upon request.

The colorful, 16-page fall issue focuses on waterfowl hunting, summarizing the state's hunting seasons, and bag limits for ducks and geese. Other topics addressed in the publication include: the reasons behind the Fish and Game Commission's decision to ban electronic spinning wing decoys during the first half of waterfowl season; the success story behind the "de-listing" of the Aleutian Canada Goose; and information on a program to restore wetlands on private property.

The issue also features a new column called "Ask A Warden," which addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about fish and game laws. Other regular columns include "Ask A Biologist" and a fish and game preparation and cooking column.

Now is the time to begin applying for spring turkey hunts and the DFG's special wild pig hunt on Santa Cruz Island. Tracks provides a list of all spring turkey hunt dates and announces the instructions on how to apply for the Santa Cruz Island hunt.

To request a free subscription to Tracks, write to: Tracks By Mail, 1416 Ninth Street #1240, Sacramento, CA, 95814; or e-mail The complete Tracks publication is also online with all of these exciting stories at the following address:

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