Hunting Memories

An Antelope with Mass

Here is a picture from my September hunt in Wyoming. Although not a record book antelope, it still had an impressive amount of mass. Fish and Game said due to Wyoming's severe drought this year, the antelope did not get their usual horn growth.

It nonetheless had 14 inches in height, and had 7 inch bases with 6 1/2 inch blades (prongs). The mass above the prong measured 4 inches, which is huge. The only thing this buck lacked was height or it would have been a B & C buck.

According to my rangefinder, the antelope was 249 yards away when I shot. I dropped him with a 160-grain 7mm Rem mag.

I'm pleased to say this buck is going to be a full body mount, which will be the first full body mount I have had done.

Gary Spina

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