Picture of the Week
It's Shot Placement!
Scott Springer took his biggest buck to date on the opening weekend of the 2001 California X6 Zone deer season while hunting on national forest land. The 4x4 mule deer buck's rack measured 24 inches wide and 17 inches high.

Scott used a bolt-action .257 Roberts, passed down from his great uncle, to drop the buck with one well-placed shot behind the shoulder. Practice at the range before season made it possible for him to stop this large buck with a single 117-grain Winchester Super X Power-Point bullet.

The buck was in excellent condition with fat covering the length of its back and its entire rib cage. In some places the fat was an inch thick. This well-fed deer was so heavy that Scott and his dad found it to be quite a chore trying to lift it into the bed of the pickup — a job they sure would like to have to do again next season.

Photo by Jerry Springer

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