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Suggestions for California DFG

I cannot make the meeting at the DFG but was hoping maybe these could be passed along if of course you agree.
1) Have DFG set up an area for suggestions on their web site so that they can obtain more input throughout the year rather than by the few who can get to a meeting every two years. This should also help DFG evaluate the suggestions by how many of the same ones they receive.
2) Review what other states with good populations of deer are doing. States with doe hunts and limited tags have more deer. Some of the quotas in California are a joke as they are never met and deer hunting in those zones is poor.
3) The pheasant season should not be lengthened. Poor hunting on state and private lands in the Sacramento Valley should be a clue. Look at refuge scores on pheasants — way down.

Hope these help and I hope they can be passed on by someone.

Pete Peters

Editor's Note: Thanks for the suggestions, Pete. We will forward them to the DFG.

Kudos for Jim Matthews

The HUNTING BANS IN MOJAVE article by Jim Matthews as usual is well done & informative. Please pass on my appreciation of his talents.

Keep up the outstanding efforts.

Wm. (Bill) H. Siegmund

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