Hunting Memories

Double Trouble for Antelope

In 1999, my 13-year-old son, Joe Bradley, drew one of only two tags for the Honey Lake Junior Hunt for Pronghorn Antelope in California. The hunt took place in Lassen County on the Fleming and Dakin Units of Honey Lake Wildlife Area near Susanville.

Two weeks prior to the hunt, Joe broke his right shooting arm and doubted he would be able to participate.

With the doctor's OK and Joe's determination to complete the hunt, the plans stayed intact.

On the second day of the hunt, Joe finally managed to sneak within 50 yards of a bedded antelope for a shot. With the use of only one arm and the other in a cast, Joe slowly opened the Harris Bipod on his .243 Winchester Featherlight. After a little adjustment

to get the gun up to his shoulder, one well-placed shot gave Joe his first pronghorn. Although it was not the wallhanger he'd hoped for, the harvest of any antelope under these conditions is truly a success.

The following year, 2000 — again with only two available — Joe once again drew the same tag on Honey Lake. Now what are the odds of that?

Being a year older and fully recovered from the broken arm, Joe went back to the exact same area and this time harvested a great 13-inch pronghorn.

Somebody must have been looking down on Joe for him to have gotten such a second chance!

Submitted by Gene Bradley

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