Hunting Memories

California Monster Hog

I took this monster boar while hunting on Carnaza Hunting Club in Paso Robles, California. I had the chance to take my eldest son, Taylor (6), on his first big game hunt. He could not have been more proud of our accomplishments.

The hog was running quartering toward us at around 100 yards when I nailed him with one shot to the lower rib cage. It caught him behind his elbow, spinning the 450 pounds of mass 180 degrees. The next shot found its target through the spine in the neck area.

After the celebration and pictures were taken, it took five adults to put the brute in the back of a truck — and that was after he was gutted!

I guessed his live weight at around 450 - 460 pounds... Hanging meat he was 205 pounds, and when I took his head and cape to the taxidermist they weighed over 110 pounds alone!

Submitted by John McGannon

Editor's Note:
McGannon is a chef and owner of WILDEATS Enterprises
( He produces rubs and seasonings for wild game meats, as well as a cookbook and special gift packages for outdoor enthusiasts.

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