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Deer Season and Tags

Well, is the Fish and Game going to make big changes in the deer season and tags here next year? I would give up my tag for a year or two to get a better tag down the road. What do your know about next year? Was this all talk? I'm in Bakersfield and was at one of the meetings last year. Not very many people were there — only about 20, it was sad. People want better hunting but they don't want to put the time in to do anything about it. Please give our kids better hunting down the road.


John Thome
Bakersfield, California

Editor's Note:
This is the year for changes to the hunting regulations. Now is the time to send your comments to the Fish and Game Commission, as they will adopt changes in April.

Tehama Hog Hunt

There are no hogs in the Tehama Wildlife area and success rates have been very bleak, maybe that's why no one has applied for the hunt!

Matt Pritchard
Red Bluff, California

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