Arizona Elk Harvest Strategies
The Arizona Game and Fish Commission on January 18 gave the go-ahead for a slate of elk harvest strategies that will require various Commission rule changes to accomplish.

The Game and Fish Department is now putting together a rule change packet for consideration at the commission's March 15-16 meeting in Kingman. The following commission rule changes are being put into a final packet for consideration:

1. Creating a hunter pool for supplemental hunts.
2. Creating a restricted nonpermit-tag to be issued to hunter pool applicants.
3. Excluding restricted nonpermit-tags from the bonus point system.
4. Establishing flexibility in rules to increase bag limits.
5. Establishing flexibility in rules to allow an individual to apply for more than one tag per year.
6. Delegating authority to the department director to issue restricted nonpermit-tags preauthorized by the commission and to reduce fees on restricted nonpermit-tags.
7. Ensuring that no more than 10 percent of bull elk restricted nonpermit-tags are available to nonresidents.

Once the formal rule change packet is adopted by the commission, it will go through the full public process, including public hearings, before final adoption.

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