Let's Go Pheasant Hunting
Dan Noell, of Granite Bay, California, shows off a nice rooster taken at the Hastings Island Hunting Club while hunting with his chocolate Labrador, Janice.
With waterfowl season just concluded and upland game seasons closing shortly, many hunters are cleaning their shotguns and putting them away. Hold on, don't put that shotgun away yet!

California has pheasant clubs that have hunting through March and April, with springtime making for some very nice fair-weather hunting.

Sand Creek Game out of Arbuckle, California is a new pheasant club that not only has pheasant hunting through March but also features chukar and bobwhite quail hunts. For reservations at Sand Creek Game, contact Brent Wiggin (530) 632-0200 or Jim Wiggin (530) 632-0500.

A good hunting dog really makes these hunts extra special. On a recent pheasant hunt with hunting partner Dan Noell, I not only had the company of a good hunting partner but also really enjoyed watching his chocolate Lab, Janice, work the fields. More surprising to me was seeing a retriever point on three pheasants during the hunt. A retriever and a pointer in one, how fortunate!

Noell took a different route when acquiring a hunting dog — instead of the trials of the puppy stage, he got Janice when she was 18 months old. Noell contacted Judy Pond of Duck Pond Kennels in Elk Grove, California and found out she had a Lab, Janice, that had washed out of field trials.

I'll take a drop out like Janice any day — on our hunt she flushed 12 roosters and had three points in just two hours of hunting.

Jerry Springer

A rooster pheasant is retrieved at Sand Creek Game. Hunters will find the birds in natural cover.
The dual-purpose chocolate Lab, Janice, points and retrieves.
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