Tehama Pig Hunt Facts
A couple of issues back we posted a story about the Tehama Wildlife Area Pig Hunt and informed you that the California DFG was not getting many applications for this year's hunt.

If you put in for the hunt and were drawn, we also want to share this recently received information with you so someone at home is not warming the frying pan because they think it is going to be a slam dunk for you to bring a pig home:

Tehama Pig Hunt Facts

• Success rate is usually about 1%.
• Highest pig harvest for a season was 19.
• Generally, 5-10 pigs are taken each year during the hunts.
• There are not a lot of pigs on the property but there are some pigs.
• This year 1,495 applications were submitted for the 320 permits.
• All hunt periods were filled.
• The area was expanded not because there were more pigs but because pigs move around.

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