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More Junior Hunts

Could you please send me, and post on your page, the address for the Fish & Game Commission so that I can comment on the proposed regulation changes for big game.

My main concern with the proposed big game regulations changes is that the Department is not proposing enough new Junior Hunts. Why just new hunts in D3, D5, X7a & X7b? In order to attract increasing numbers of youth, we should be offering additional either-sex or antlerless hunts for juniors IN EVERY ZONE!!! In large quota zones such as D3, A or B, the Junior Hunt opportunity should be in the hundreds of tags not just 10 to 30.

Please post my comments on your site with my e-mail address. I'd like to hear from other hunters regarding this issue.


Dave Valle

Editor's Note:
e-mail address for the Fish and Game Commission is FGC@dfg.ca.gov. Comments sent via e-mail must contain the commentor's true name and mailing address.

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