Hunting Memories

Colorado Monster Bucks

Above: Wayne Baskins with his Colorado trophy. Below: Brad Cupit with 40-inch monster.
While hunting the 2000 Colorado deer season I was very fortunate to bag the largest mule deer I had ever seen. The antlers were a perfect 6x6, 27-inches tall and 27-inches wide with great mass. To top it off, the deer field-dressed a whopping 380 pounds. It had a 36-inch neck — I had never seen one this big in my life.


The last day of the hunt my friend Brad Cupit took a huge buck whose rack was slightly over 40-inches wide with good mass. Brad's buck field-dressed at about 275-pounds.

Both of these bucks were shot on public land and the 40-inch monster was shot the last hour of the hunt. Never give up!

Submitted by Wayne Baskins

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