Duck Hunt Winner
Here is the winner of the waterfowl hunt for two. John Rodman of Ridgecrest, California, brought his hunting buddy Bob Weggesser along for the hunt.

Tom Dermody, of Colusa Indian Communities Hunting Club, provided the hunt and guides for subscriber John Rodman.

The hunters took two snow geese, one teal, three pintails, three mallards and two wigeons.

(Before you question three Pintail — they hunted two days.)

Above: John Rodman (right) and Bob Weggesser show off hunt results.

Bottom right: Bob Weggesser (left), Carlos Diaz (guide) and John Rodman show off snow geese and other waterfowl.

Winner's Comments

Thanks again for the hunt.

Tom, Carlos, Mathew (Tom's son) and Tom's family were outstanding. Wonderful people, great outdoorsmen, hardworking outfitters and knowledgeable sportsmen. I highly recommend Tom; great guy!

John Rodman

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