Wyoming Deer/Antelope Deadline
Nonresident hunters are alerted applications for deer and antelope licenses — including those for doe/fawn — must be received in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department's Cheyenne office no later than 5 p.m. on March 15.

Applicants are reminded that Wyoming application deadlines are strictly adhered to because the dates, like season dates or bag limits, are G&F regulation, which has the weight of law. G&F license officials also report conducting drawings as scheduled is dependent on having all applications in the system on time.

"Every year we have to return over 200 applications that arrived after March 15 to very disappointed hunters, because they did not get their applications here on time," said Larry Gabriele, G&F Fiscal Division chief. "Just like it's a violation if someone harvests a deer after the season ends, we would be violating the regulation if we accepted applications after the deadline."

He urges anyone with worries about their application arriving by March 15 by regular mail, to consider using an express delivery service.

Hunters needing more applications than in their booklet can make photocopies or call (307) 777-4600 or print one from the G&F Web site at http://gf.state.wy.us.

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