Wyoming Hunting
Season Meetings
Slight increases in nonresident regional deer quotas, continued liberal elk seasons and soliciting hunter input on better ways to issue hard-to-draw deer, elk and antelope licenses highlight the annual Wyoming hunting season meetings being held the first week of April.

Overall big game license numbers proposed for 2002 will be similar to those in 2001 in order to address the lack of fawn production.

The Game and Fish Department proposes to slightly increase the deer quota for nonresidents in regions D, G and H. Elk populations in many areas of the state are over the objective or target level, which is prompting continued liberal seasons.

Some of the more noteworthy regulation changes the G&F is proposing for 2002 hunting seasons:

• Reinstate the requirement that hunters must possess a special pheasant management stamp to hunt pheasants on walk-in areas. Landowners and their immediate family would be exempt from the regulation when hunting pheasants on deeded land they have enrolled in walk-in areas. This proposal attempts to help address the costs of the G&F's very popular pheasant planting program.

• Allow wheelchair-bound and blind persons to hunt big game animals over bait.

• Moderately increase fall turkey licenses in Area 2, the Laramie Peak area.

• Decrease quotas in bighorn sheep hunt areas 7 and 9.

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