Commission Supports Hunters
The current California Fish and Game Commission has truly shown in words and actions that it is listening to hunters.

• Saturday meetings

• A move toward a point system for big game tags

• Meetings of the Al Taucher Preserving Hunting and Sport Fishing Opportunities Advisory Committee

In what is a continuing breath of flesh air, on April 4th the Commission adopted the following resolution below.

Jerry Springer

Resolution in Support of
Expansion of Wild Turkey Range and Hunting Opportunities

WHEREAS, wild turkeys have become a highly popular resource for both hunting and viewing in California; and

WHEREAS, wild turkey hunting is the fastest growing of the hunting sports in California and across America; and

WHEREAS, early indications of hunting license check boxes indicate about half of California hunters expressed an interest in hunting wild turkeys in California in 2001; and

WHEREAS, there is great economic and recreational value associated with the presence of the wild turkey; and

WHEREAS, expansion of hunting opportunity is consistent with the stated direction and policy set forth by the California Fish and Game Commission; and

WHEREAS, demand for wild turkey hunting on public and private lands clearly is in excess of the readily available supply of quality wild turkey hunting opportunity,

NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Fish and Game Commission supports the expansion of wild turkey hunting opportunities through increasing existing wild turkey populations and through expanding the wild turkey's range in California.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Department of Fish and Game should make it one of its highest prorities for Game Bird Management.

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