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Golden Turkeys

I have seen those "golden turkeys" in the southeastern U.S. They are called "Bourbons." They are a cream color with golden-brown patches.

Ask Scott Gardner (DFG biologist) if he has heard of "Bourbons" and if they are considered a subspecies of the wild turkey family.

John Joyner,
Coarsegold, California

Editor's Note:
Here is the DFG response:

They are not a subspecies of wild turkeys. I checked with some other folks, and they are a known breed of domestic turkeys.

Scott Gardner
DFG Wildlife Biologist

National Forest

Hunters be aware. The Los Padres National Forest has been closed to all vehicles for the last five years — that's 325,000 acres closed to us. Very maddening. I'm going after the head of the forest service.

Brad Daniel

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