Game Law Violations

California Style

Warden Grove assisted the Idaho Department of Fish and Game on a deer case. A California man had obtained a resident Idaho hunting license and deer tags illegally. Warden Grove assisted by meeting with the man and issuing him two Idaho citations, which he had received in the mail from Idaho warden Bill London. The suspect received in excess of $2,200 in fines, two days in jail and the revocation of his hunting privileges in Idaho for a period of three years.

Wardens Clack and Doyle responded to a call in Madera County on Mammoth Pool Road involving the illegal take of a buck deer. The case is still under investigation while DNA evidence is being processed at the Fish and Game Forensics Lab in Sacramento. Locally, the Fresno Department of Justice Crime Lab is processing additional evidence.

Wardens Marsh and Wood recently teamed up on a case near the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge. Warden Marsh observed a vehicle on the western end of the refuge but not inside it. She relayed this information to Wood who contacted the occupants of the vehicle as they left the area. When asked by Wood if they had any success hunting, the three occupants of the vehicle in question stated they had only taken one duck. An inspection of the vehicle revealed no evidence of any ducks; however, Warden Wood did discover the presence of three freshly killed Canadian honkers. When the dust settled, one of the three hunters was cited for taking geese without proper license and stamps.

Wardens Olague, Blake and Miller have been using the new squad kayaks for good purpose lately. They have been patrolling the lower San Joaquin River and local sloughs for waterfowl poachers. These areas are very close to several state and federal wildlife areas. The kayaks have allowed them to approach hunters on the waterways and conduct compliance checks in areas they are seldom contacted. The results have been a number of surprised people and quite a few violations, primarily unplugged guns and lead shot.

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