Apply Early
Oregon state wildlife officials remind big game hunters that the deadline to apply for this fall's controlled hunts is quickly approaching. Hunters should submit their application through their local license agent, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) office, or mail order well before the May 15 cutoff to avoid long lines and potential computer problems.

The ODFW limits the number of hunters for particular hunts to improve game management and enhance the hunting experience. Hunters must apply for tags for these "controlled" hunts in the spring. A random computer drawing occurs in June and hunters are notified around June 20 if they were successful.

Pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, eastern Oregon buck deer, many eastern Oregon bull elk seasons and most antlerless deer and elk seasons are managed via the controlled hunt system. The cost to apply is $4.50 per hunt type.

Hunters are asked to not wait until the final days before the May 15 deadline to apply for controlled hunt tags. Applying early can avoid overloading the Point-of-Sale computerized system and preclude other associated application problems. Hunters can avoid any frustration by applying early in person or using a mail order application found on page 21 of the 2002 Oregon Big Game Regulations. Hunters may also choose to fill out a computer form and mail it in. The form may be found at

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