No Elk Control Permits
The Utah Wildlife Resources Division will not be recommending antlerless elk control permits on any units this fall.

Elk control permits were offered last year to try to increase the number of cow elk taken on five units where elk populations were over their management objectives. In addition to taking a bull elk, general bull elk hunters can purchase an elk control permit for $20 and take one cow elk on any of the five units.

"Three of the five units were on land where public access was difficult due to extensive private lands. We were hoping that offering elk control permits would encourage hunters to approach landowners to access their property and put pressure on these herds, but it didn't happen," Cranney said. "In the process, too much pressure was put on the elk herd on the Plateau unit, which is a big public land unit in south-central Utah.

"The bottom line is, the elk control permit idea didn't work so we're proposing that we eliminate it and offer cow elk permits through the antlerless draw, as in the past," Cranney said. "Offering them through the draw will allow us to set the exact number of permits we feel are needed for each unit and direct hunting pressure where it's needed most."

For more information about the April 23 meeting, call the nearest Division of Wildlife Resources office or the Division's Salt Lake City office at (801) 538-4700.

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