Park Service Against
Expanded Turkey Hunting
In an article that appeared in the May 4, 2002 issue of the LA Times, it is clear the Anti's and the National Park Service (NPS) are against releasing any more turkeys in California and will fight it with negative comments to the DFG. In fact the NPS wants turkeys out of their parks (notice "their parks" — not ours).

This uproar may have been the reason the DFG has extended its comment period on the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) until May 30, 2002.

One of the NPS's concerns is that a turkey could eat an acorn and that acorn would not be available for other wildlife. Because the DFG can't tell what effect that would have, those at NPS think that turkeys shouldn't be released until it is known.

What the DFG is recommending is six releases of turkeys on public national forest service land. If you hunt turkeys, or ever think you might want to hunt turkeys in California, you need to look at the draft EIR at the DFG's web site and send them your comments. Here is the link

Send your written comments to:

Department of Fish and Game
Wild Turkey DEIR
Wildlife Programs Branch
1812 9th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

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