BLM says
"No Camping/No Access"

The BLM in Alaska is now in a dispute with the Alaska Department of Transportation (DOT) that could result in no camping or river access along Alaska's roadways that run through BLM land.

It appears that the right of way (ROW) the DOT has through BLM land can't be used to camp or access rivers unless you have a permit from the BLM (and this doesn't mean the BLM has to give you a permit).

In an e-mail received by WesternHunter.com, the BLM is asserting that DOT does not own the ROW but just has the easement and it is the BLM that has the right to prohibit camping or river access.

The DOT believes BLM does not own the right of way. The right of way belongs to the state of Alaska. Also, it is DOT's contention that it is legal to camp on the right of way unless specifically prohibited. DOT is telling the BLM that the provision does not apply to state of Alaska right of way.

At this time we don't know why BLM is taking this stand unless it is afraid it could result in long-term stays or land squatting.

How soon before this agency tug-of-war happens in other western states? If you are going to Alaska, it may already affect you; if not, it may affect your access to public land and hunting plans in the future.

Jerry Springer

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