Hunting Memories

Opening Day X-12 Buck

Here is a photo of a nice X-12 mule deer I shot on the 2001 opener.

Four scouting trips, one wrecked Ford F350 Super Duty and the purchase of a used Jeep allowed me to hunt this buck way up in the high country. I did not see this particular buck during my scouting trips and was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I shot him broadside at 200 yards after a brief stalk. Of the three X-12 bucks I've killed he gave me the easiest shot but was the hardest to pack out; two trips in five hours at 9000 feet. He measures a good 24.5 inches inside at his narrowest point and is 28 inches at his widest outside measurement. This pretty 3x4 will be hanging on the wall soon.

It was a great hunt that allowed me and my hunting partner to kill our bucks on the same morning within sight of each other. He shot a nice, tall 3x3 that only took one trip to pack!

I love California Mule Deer!!!

Submitted by Brian Souza

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