A new video from STEP OUTSIDE® entitled 'You’re Invited to…STEP OUTSIDE" aims to educate individuals and organizations on the important role sportsmen play in expanding participation in traditional outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, archery and target shooting. The video, which is free of charge and available in VHS or on CD, can be ordered from the literature department at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

"This video is a valuable tool for state agencies, clubs, sporting organizations and just about anybody that is looking to get more people involved in traditional outdoor sports," said Jodi DiCamillo, STEP OUTSIDE national coordinator. “There are 48 million Americans interested in hunting, fishing, archery or target shooting but haven’t participated simply because they haven’t been invited. STEP OUTSIDE is about getting sportsmen to take that step and extend the invitation.”

The free video features celebrities such as Dennis Franz, Louise and Barbara Mandrell, and Leslie Easterbrook talking about the importance of introducing friends and family to the fun and excitement of the outdoor sports.

“A recent poll, conducted by Roper Starch on behalf of the NSSF, shows that 48% of men and women between the ages of 18-29 that have never gone target shooting would if they were invited,” said DiCamillo. “Millions of people are ready to STEP OUTSIDE and are simply waiting to be invited.”

To order a copy of the video, "You’re Invited to…STEP OUTSIDE," contact the National Shooting Sports Foundation by calling (203) 426-1320 and requesting item #8111. A CD-ROM version is available as well, item #8112. For more information on STEP OUTSIDE, contact Jodi DiCamillo with NSSF at

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