Outdoor California's Bear Issue
Outdoor California Magazine has dedicated the entire July-August 2002 issue to California black bears. This first-ever all-bear effort is packed full of information, facts, and features about California black bears — a total of 15 articles.

Readers will find everything from tips on being "bear aware" to the latest statistics on bear depredation permits issued by each county. Accompanying the stories on ecology, biology, safety and management is an array of photos showing bears participating in a variety of activities. Peer inside a bear den and see new cubs nursing on a hibernating sow. See how biologists gather data on these large mammals and what kind of damage they can do to homes and vehicles.

DFG's Outdoor California is published bimonthly and regularly presents unique articles on the status of ongoing efforts to protect, enhance and restore California's fish and wildlife, and the habitat upon which they depend. This full-color publication includes fabulous photography, artwork and special columns on watching wildlife, as well as on hunting and fishing.

Structured around themes, the magazine explores various topics like the marine environment and endangered species, or profiles significant species like mountain lions or waterfowl.

DFG has been printing Outdoor California — currently the only subscription-based publication produced by a state agency in California — since 1953, and it is currently funded almost exclusively by subscriptions with minimal advertising. Subscriptions are $12 per year with special discounts available at www.dfg.ca.gov/coned/outdoor.html and in the magazine. Limited supplies of single issues are available for public browsing at DFG offices around the state.

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