Hunting Memories

Triple With A Bow

Thought I would share this last season's success photos. The military transferred me back to California from Alaska. I was able to do this sheep hunt before I got settled in California. I took this 8-year-old ram with 35-inch curls out of the Kenai Mountains with my Mathews bow at 25 yards — a hunting highlight for me.

I also drew a late-season bowhunt here in California and took this good 3x3 blacktail out of Mendocino County (second photo). His rack measures 22 inches wide and scored 119. It was a 25 yard shot using a Mathews bow and Muzzy 125-grain broadhead.

The 4x4 blacktail I arrowed at 30 yards in a D Zone scored 139. I would have never gotten this buck if I hadn't worn moccasins. Bowhunting in summer is tough walking on leaves that crunch like cornflakes.

Your web page is great. I have really enjoyed it.

Submitted by Rick Hoskins

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