Fire Closes Some Deer Hunting Areas in California
California hunters with D8 and G6 deer tags and other forest users heading for the Sequoia National Forest should review the current fire restrictions and closures.

Sequoia and Inyo Forest Supervisors have issued Emergency Fire Closures and Restrictions due to the McNalley Fire conditions to protect public health and safety. As of August 5, 2002 at 9 a.m., the fire had burned 101,202 acres. Public access and use is now prohibited in or upon significant portions of the Tule River, Hot Springs and Cannell Meadow Ranger Districts of the Sequoia National Forest, including the Giant Sequoia National Monument, and an adjacent portion of the Golden Trout Wilderness of the Inyo National Forest. For perspective, the closure affects approximately 12% of the total land area within the D8 hunting zone, and just over 50% of the Sequoia National Forest lands. However, a significant area in the D8 hunt zone remains open to public use.

Archery deer season opens August 17, 2002, and general deer season opens September 28, 2002. We strongly encourage hunters to confirm in advance the access to their preferred and alternate areas in zones D8. If closures remain in effect through November, hunters with G6 tags (a special hunt in December) should review their option carefully in the Sequoia National Forest.

The fire closures were established in late July 2002 and will remain in effect through the end of the official fire season, or upon subsequent changes in the fire restrictions and closure by the Forest Supervisor(s).

The following roads in the Sequoia National Forest McNally Fire Closure Area are now open for through traffic only: Highway 190, the Western Divide (107), County road 99 from Kernville through Johnsondale to its intersection with M50, and M50 from Parker Pass to California Hot Springs. Road blocks should be anticipated on the Kennedy Meadows Road on the eastern side of Sequoia National Forest.

Information and maps of the burn areas, closure area, road blocks, the restrictions, and updates on fire control and progression can be obtained at the U.S. Forest Service web site:

Information on deer tag availability, habitat conditioning, deer population status, deer tag, exchange or refunds should be directed to the Department's Region 4 office in Fresno at (559) 243-4005. You may also access useful information on the fire via the Fish and Game web site at and this links to the U.S. Forest Service web site.

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