Two More Weeks to Hunt Pheasants
California hunters will enjoy two additional weeks of pheasant hunting this year, but receive fewer sage grouse permits in northern California, according to action taken by the state Fish and Game Commission.

Commissioners approved the pheasant and grouse hunting regulations on August 2, leaving basically unchanged the seasons, bag limits and special rules for quail, wild turkeys, blue grouse, ruffed grouse, chukars, bandtailed pigeons, doves and white-tailed ptarmigan.

All upland game bird season dates have been adjusted for Saturday openers, the commission said.

Under the new regulations, the statewide pheasant hunting season will run from November 9 through December 22. Bag limits remain the same.

For the permit-by-drawing sage grouse hunts in Lassen County, commissioners approved a Department of Fish and Game recommendation to cut the East Lassen hunt permit number from 200 to 100, and the Central Lassen hunt permit number from 75 to 40. Drought has impacted bird production, reported the DFG.

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