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Colorado Trophy Bucks

The year 2001 challenged us with one of the driest seasons we'd ever had in Colorado. Everyone in our group saw their share of bucks and with two days remaining in the season, all had connected on great bucks. Shown in the top photo, left to right, is my Dad with a 30-inch 5x4; Rich J. with a buck that snuck up on us while we were having a snack; Jerry H. with a young, wide 3x3; and me, Larry Pasero Jr. with my heavy 3x3 with its great eyeguards.

The deer have really responded to favorable winters and wet springs as well as the reduced hunting pressure that is a result of the draw system that was implemented in Colorado a few years back.

2001 was a lesson in patience. After six days of looking for a giant buck that had eluded me all week, I was lucky enough to connect on this large bodied, heavy antlered 3x3 (second picture). I staked out a rock outcropping on the shady side of a canyon that overlooked a large sage flat. It was bitter cold and the ground was extremely damp from a light overnight rain. Just about the time I was ready to pack it in I caught sight of two 4x4's sparring in the distance. Watching them kept me on the hill long enough to find this big guy moving two does up out of the sage bottoms. He was anchored with my .300 WBY at 216 yards. Staying out that extra half-hour gave me the opportunity to take a super buck, something that would never have happened if I had packed it in for the warmth of camp. When mule deer hunting, adversity is often rewarded with great opportunities.

Submitted by Larry Pasero Jr.

Additional note from Larry:

Thanks for a great site. I love when I come in to work on Monday and find e-mail confirmation that there has been a new posting on Before a lick of work is done I make sure I scroll through all the headlines. I've gotten some real valuable information and really enjoy the "Poaching" stories. It's great to hear that these guys are being brought to justice.

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