Tracks Magazine Won't Be Mailed
The 65,000 hunters who receive a subscription to Tracks magazine will not get the upcoming issue in the mail due to the stalemate in passing a state budget.

Instead of the direct mailing, the DFG will deliver the magazines in bulk to its regional offices statewide. Members of the public are encouraged to drop by and pick up a copy. The issue will also be posted on the DFG Web site at

Tracks is a quarterly magazine devoted to hunting, fishing and wildlife management issues in California. Subscriptions are free to the state's hunters and anglers. To receive a free subscription, send your name and address to: California Department of Fish and Game; 1416 Ninth Street, Room 1240; Sacramento, CA; 95814; or e-mail your name and address to

The winter issue of Tracks is due in October. It is uncertain whether the issue will be mailed to subscribers in addition to being distributed through DFG offices.

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