Hunting Memories

California Trophy

I had to work most of the opening weekend of bow season and hadn't got a shot as the weekend ended. I had a meeting to attend Monday evening and when it ended early I drove over to some private property to see if I could spot a buck. I did see a forkey and decided to try to get close enough for a shot even though it was getting late and I was almost out of shooting light.

I suddenly saw a buck standing broadside, looking at me only 20 yards away. I was sure of the distance and as soon as the 20-yard pin was on his vitals, I released the arrow and watched it hit its mark. I knew it was a good shot as the buck spun around, stumbled and ran off into the brush. I waited 30 minutes before searching for my arrow and then found this beautiful 4x5 only 40 yardsaway.

I have been bowhunting for seven years and this is the second buck I have taken with a bow. It is the largest one. Of course I am having him mounted.

I took this buck in Shingles Springs, California using a PSE Carera single cam and a carbon arrow with Cabela's 100-grain broadhead.

Submitted by David Sterling
Cameron Park, California

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